Steering Behaviors – Siggraph 2000

Based on the work I did at Bullfrog Productions for Dungeon Keeper 2 and Theme Park World on flocking crowd movement in user editable worlds, I was asked by Craig Reynolds to join a group that would be presenting a Siggraph tutorial course on game development tech. The concept of flocking scored Craig a Scientific and Engineering Award at the 70th Academy Awards in 1998 and I’m pretty sure he used this as leverage to score a whole day Tutorial.

I had used his page on steering behaviors and had implemented much of it,  writing up my results, made a live Win32 demo,  added a few new behaviors and documenting the gotchas for flocking in non-static worlds.  At the time there was practically no gamedev representation in the academic and production heavy Siggraph so we were pretty much the advance guard.

The ideas seem a little quaint now, especially the lack of any coherent methods of blending between steering behaviors over time. Much of the actual production code for pathfinding and was in 16-bit fixed-point using incremental Voronoi triangulation,  written by Ian Shaw and created for raw speed on the original Playstation (a version which Bullfrog never shipped).

Shortly after presenting at Siggraph 2000 I was hired by SCEA to work in the SF bay area with Craig. A nicer bloke you could not hope to meet and walking the halls of Siggraph beside him was always an education – he knows everyone and it takes forever to get anywhere.

Steering Behaviors – Siggraph 2000

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